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MULTIVAC-Leader of Packaging Competence


今天跟大家介紹的,是一直堅持可持續發展觀念,致力於在包裝供應鏈上提供節能、高效及環保的設備,全球卓越的包裝設備及整線供應商 - 莫迪維克

Today we are going to introduce a company, which insist on sustainability, providing energy efficient, high efficient and environmentally friendly equiments in the packaging supply chain, one of the leading supplies of integrated packaging solutions - MULTIVAC.


"We want to be the partner of choice for sustainable processing and packaging solutions for the food, non-food as well as the medical devices and pharmaceuticals industry."


Process and package what is valuable


At present, MULTIVAC products are mainly oriented to the 3 markets: Food products, Life science and healthcare products and Industrial and consumer products.


Food products


Modern packs of today are multi-functional. And they are indispensable. Their primary function is to protect the packaged product against external impacts. In the case of food products, packaging contributes significantly to extending shelf life and reducing the loss of aroma and nutrients.


Overall MULTIVAC offers the widest range of food packaging solutions on the market. We use a whole range of different technologies to cover off all output requirements.

We have complemented that range by a high level of expertise in slicing, portioning and linking upstream and downstream functions efficiently to the overall packaging process.



When it comes to hygiene, the MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™ is setting new benchmarks, and it enables our customers to fulfil the most demanding hygienic standards for food production.


Range of products covers solutions for:

  • 紙箱裝填 Box loading

  • 裝填 Loading

  • 包裝Packaging

  • 分份Portioning

  • 並線Channelizing

  • 標識Marking

  • 碼垛Palletizing

  • 切片Slicing

  • 檢測Inspection

  • 定向Orientation



Life science and healthcare products


MULTIVAC was one of the pioneers in the automated packaging of sterile medical products as well as complex and sensitive products in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biotech sectors.


Thermoforming packaging machines in MULTIVAC Clean Design™ were specifically designed for packing sensitive life science and healthcare products very efficiently. They can be individually equipped for use in different cleanroom classes, and they offer a high degree of process reliability thanks to their capability for complete line clearance, pack reproducibility and security against loss of product.

通過連接更高級別的數據系統,可以在整個流程鏈中對產品進行無縫追溯 - 從而實現高度透明。

Linking to higher-level data systems enables seamless product traceability to be achieved over the entire process chain – and this in turn provides a high degree of transparency.


Range of products covers solutions for:

  • 紙箱裝填Box loading

  • 檢測Inspection

  • 標識Marking

  • 包裝Packaging

  • 並線Channelizing

  • 裝填Loading

  • 定向Orientation

  • 碼垛Palletizing


Industrial and consumer products


MULTIVAC customers, who pack industrial and consumer products, benefit from our high level of expertise in the development of customised solutions, which are characterised in particular by a high level of efficiency. MULTIVAC packaging concepts can be individually designed for transportation packs, for semi-manufactured products, or retail packs.


MULTIVAC packaging solutions provide great pack diversity and maximum flexibility thanks to their wide range of equipment options. And they also offer a high level of process reliability and pack security.


Thanks to our expertise in automation and packaging lines, we also ensure that other line modules are integrated perfectly into our lines. Typical areas are product infeed, converging and handling equipment, as well as inspection and marking systems or end-of-line equipment.


Range of products covers solutions for:

  • 紙箱裝填Box loading

  • 檢測Inspection

  • 標識Marking

  • 包裝Packaging

  • 並線Channelizing

  • 裝填Loading

  • 定向Orientation

  • 碼垛Palletizing


Sustainable conscientious enterprise


Sustainability and responsible business activity are an integral part of MULTIVAC's strategy.



在開發機器時, 整個材料循環過程始終是關注的重點。 這既適用於生產,也適用於運用期間的資源耗損。

In the development machines, MULTIVAC always have the complete material cycle in mind. This applies to their manufacturing as well as to their resource consumption in operation.


And last but not least, good packaging in itself serves sustainability, since it protects and preserves the packaged product securely over long distances and during extended storage periods.




MULTIVAC support customers in operating their equipment as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, allowing them to produce packs with maximum quality.

MULTIVAC provide customers with smart services such as condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and OEE analysis.

MULTIVAC X-line系列,在包裝安全性、質量、性能和面向未來等方面為客戶開闢了全新的維度。

With the MULTIVAC X-line, we offer our customers a new dimension when it comes to packaging reliability, quality, performance, and future-proofing.


Supply chain & procuremement


Thanks to the proximity to suppliers, MULTIVAC have an influence on the availability, quality, and sustainability of the products they buy.


Over 50 % of suppliers are based in the same region. This means they are strengthening the regional economy, reducing traffic pollution, and minimising the risk of infringing human rights.


Sustainable packaging concepts


MULTIVAC supports its customers in the development of packaging concepts, which are characterised by their reduced consumption of energy, water, and packaging materials. They also support their customers in the development of sustainable packaging concepts in order to be able to fulfill current packaging legislation.


Research & development


MULTIVAC continuously invest in R&D and have implemented an innovation process. Year on year, MULTIVAC accomplish over 100 R&D projects with the aim of developing new solutions or optimizing existing technology. They work closely with leading universities, institutes as well as industry partners.


Social commitment

從2010年,莫迪維克便響應SAVE FOOD倡議,並提供支持。聯合國糧食與農業組織FAO提出的致力於全世界範圍內減少糧食浪費的“節約糧食”的倡議。

Since 2010 MULTIVAC have been supporting the SAVE FOOD Initiative of the FAO against worldwide food wastage.

從2012年起,莫迪維克便是德國機械設備製造業聯合會(VDMA)的會員之一,該機構旨在提出了可持續性經倡議的“BLUE COMPETENCE”理念。莫迪維克還是DIAE的創始成員之一。

MULTIVAC have been a member of the BLUE COMPETENCE sustainability initiative of the German Association of Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers (VDMA) since 2012. And they are among the founding members of the German Food Partnership (DIAE).



1961年的德國,MULTIVAC創始人Sepp Haggenmüller在他的小車庫裡開發首台包裝食品至薄膜袋中的真空隔膜機,是當時的一項突破性發明。

It all begins in 1961 in a small garage, when company founder Sepp Haggenmüller develops the vacuum chamber machine for packaging foodstuffs in film pouches - a groundbreaking invention at that time.


The first MULTIVAC thermoforming packaging machine was created already in 1967; its basic design is still echoed in today's models.

1972年成立MULTIVAC Frankreich(第一家分公司),這也奠定了公司國際化發展的基礎。時至今日,MULTIVAC在全球140多個國家擁有銷售和服務公司。其中中國總部位於上海,下轄北京、香港、台灣3個分支機構,以及北京、香港、台北、高雄4個服務中心。

With the establishment of its first subsidiary in 1972 - MULTIVAC France - the foundation is laid for the company to become internationalised. Today MULTIVAC has a presence in more than 140 countries. Chinese headquarter is located in Shanghai, with 3 branched in Beijing, Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as 4 service centers in Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei and Kaohsiung.


In 1984 MULTIVAC develops the first semi-automatic traysealer for packaging foodstuffs into ready-made trays. In 1994, the product portfolio was expanded to include automatic traysealers, which are now an important part of the product portfolio.


In 1992, a new generation of thermoforming packaging machines was brought onto the market, which were initially made of stainless steel instead of aluminium. The machines stood out for their stable construction and superior hygiene characteristics. Since 1998 MULTIVAC has manufactured machines exclusively with the stainless steel design.

1993年收購位於Enger/Westfalen的MR Etikettiertechnik,MULTIVAC擴展了標籤解決方案的提供範圍。今天,MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection成為貼標籤系統、薄膜直印和檢測系統的主要製造商。

With its acquisition of the company MR Etikettiertechnik in Enger/Westfalen in 1993, MULTIVAC expanded its product range to include labelling solutions. Today MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection is one of the leading manufacturers of labelling systems, direct web printers and inspection systems.

2005年MULTIVAC收購了位於北威州Nettetal的Christoph Grundmann GmbH。MULTIVAC Resale & Service成為歐洲市場上MULTIVAC集團的二手機器、檢測和改裝服務中心。

In 2005 MULTIVAC acquired the company Christoph Grundmann GmbH, based in the North Rhine-Westphalian city of Nettetal. MULTIVAC Resale & Service is today the Service Centre within the MULTIVAC Group for second-hand machines, overhauls and refitting for the European market.

2006年開發了採用MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™的新一代熱成型包裝機,在清潔友好性、工藝安全和效率方面是市場的領導者。今天食品行業使用的所有MULTIVAC自動包裝機均符合MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™。

In 2006 a new generation of thermoforming packaging machines with the MULTIVAC Hygienic DesignTM is developed, and assumes a pioneering role in the market with regard to hygiene, process reliability and efficiency. Today all automatic MULTIVAC packaging machines used in the food industry comply with the MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™.


2007 saw the founding of the Systems business unit, which developed customer-specific solutions for the automation of packaging procedures.


With the business unit MCP (Medical Devices, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals), a highly specialised department was founded in 2008, providing solutions for the automated, GMP-compliant packaging of medical goods, pharmaceuticals and biotech products. The first packaging solution for sterile medical products was put on the market by MULTIVAC as early as 1968.


The Training & Innovation Center (TIC) was opened in Wolferschwenden in early 2013. Customers receive competent and manufacturer-independent advice there regarding packaging material and application issues and packaging ideas are made available as prototypes or small batches. The TIC also offers a comprehensive training program, which can be individually designed to meet customer requirements.


Today MULTIVAC has been founded more than 50 years, with a focus on packaging, processing, portioning, labelling and marking as well as inspection and handling, becoming one of the leading suppliers of integrated packaging solutions. They build their market position on an innovative and cutting-edge technology and a comprehensive product portfolio, as well as on a longterm expertise and experience.

莫迪維克是我們駿華的代理品牌,有興趣的朋友可以撥打(+853)2876 4952來咨詢

MULTIVAC is our CHONWA agent brand. If you have interest, please call (+853) 2876 4952 for consultation.


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*The source data and images in the article are from MULTIVAC's website

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