Rational iCombi Pro Oven 6-1/1 萬能蒸烤櫃

Rational iCombi Pro Oven 6-1/1 萬能蒸烤櫃

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Intelligent, flexible, productive, your best reliable professional kitchen assistant.

Benefits for you at a glance:
1.Outstanding food quality at all times
2.Easy to operate even for untrained staff
3.Minimum running costs
4.No checking or monitoring
5.Cook different foods at the same time
6.Automatic cleaning and descaling
More Details

Capacity: 6 x 1/1 GN

Number of meals per day: 30-100

Lengthwise loading (GN): 1/1, 1/2,, 2/3, 1/3, 2/8 GN

Width: 850mm

Depth(including door handle): 842mm

Height: 754mm

Water inlet: R 3/4"

Water outlet: DN50

Water Pressure: 1,0 - 6,0 bar


Weight: 99kg

Connected load: 10.8kW/10.8kW

Fuse: 3 x 16A/1 x 50A

Mains connection: 3 NAC 400V/1 NAC 230V

Convection mode output: 10.25kW/10.25kW

Steam mode output: 9kW/9kW


Weight: 117kg

Electrical rating: 0,6kW

Fuse: 1 x 16A

Mains connection: 1 NAC 230V

Gas connection: 3/4" IG