Multivac Double Chamber Machines C500

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MULTIVAC double chamber machines are equipped with two chambers and a swing lid.
While products are being packed in the first chamber, the second chamber can be unloaded
and loaded again. In this way, double chamber machines enable a particularly efficient
packaging process.
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More Details
MULTIVAC C 500 provide efficient and versatile packaging with its double chamber.
Exactly right. For every packaged product.
Large chambers with generous spacing between the seal bars
easily accommodate long and XXL products.
Available options:
• Machines can be delivered with different lid heights.
• Pouch too long? No problem! A slitting device cuts evacuation holes
into pouches that protrude from the chamber (available as an option
for C 450, C 500, C 550). And with the perforating device for pouch
necks, excess materials can easily be removed manually above the
seal. (available as an option for C 500 and C 550).
• The optional latched lid enables gas flushing to achieve
surrounding pressure (for C 500 and C 550).
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