Multivac Chamber Belt Machine B510
  • Multivac Chamber Belt Machine B510
  • Multivac Chamber Belt Machine B510

Multivac Chamber Belt Machine B510

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The B 510 features a wide variety of equipment options and has the MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™. Thanks to the IPC06 machine control with touchscreen, operation is very user-friendly. In combination with the MULTIVAC Soft Evacuation System (SES), the B 510 offers the option of safely and gently packaging sensitive products, such as cheese with holes in it.
More Details
Like all high-performance MULTIVAC chamber belt machines, the B 510 has a tilting lid for easy and fast cleaning and servicing. The machine can be equipped with various pump combinations depending on the desired output. The chamber is equipped with two sealing bars. With temperature controlled impulse sealing, a reproducible sealing result can also be ensured in non-stop mode. The automatic sealing height adjustment makes the packaging of products with varying heights in large batches especially efficient.
MULTIVAC chamber belt machines are an automatic solution for the packaging of large batches in pouches. Due to the automatic product infeed conveyors, the loading process is decoupled from the packaging procedure. When combined with MULTIVAC shrinking and drying units, the chamber belt machines can be expanded into a shrink packaging line. Due to their wide range of equipment options, they can be used flexibly and configured for individual requirements. MULTIVAC chamber belt machines are easy to operate, clean and service, and provide outstanding performance over their entire machine life thanks to their production output and pack quality.
Technical specifications:
Machine dimensions: W x D x H in mm: 3,420 x 1,530 x 2,100 (with product infeed conveyor: 3,950 x 1,530 x 2,100)
Chamber dimensions: W x D x H in mm: 1,300 x 800 x 280/230
Sealing bar arrangement/dimensions: 2 x 1,300 mm
Roots pump (internal) in m³/h: 1000/1,500
Booster pump (rotary vane pump, external) in m³/h: duplex 600/triplex 900 
Max. output range in cycles/min: approx. 3
MULTIVAC Soft Evacuation System
Cutting unit for pouch necks with integrated suction unit
Perforation unit
Integrated buffer product infeed conveyor
Filling plates
Anti-roll bars
Automatic sealing height adjustment
Single-seam sealing top/bottom
Roller shear cutting upstream from the chamber
Discharge conveyor
Tilting lid
Double-seam sealing
Temperature-controlled impulse sealing
Silicone belts in the chamber lid
IPC machine control with touchscreen
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