Cambro Insulated Front Loading Food Carriers 1318CC Combo Carrier

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Front-loading transporters
for Multiple Food Pans
Front-loading transporters hold multiple pans and
come in a variety of sizes, with or without casters.
They are designed to conform to food pans meeting
Gastronorm (GN) Standard EN-631.
Ultra Camcarts feature dual compartments with
insulation throughout.
6 colors for your option:
Dark Brown
Hot Red
Navy Blue
Slate Blue
Charcoal Gray
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Cambro Insulated Front Loading Food Carriers The 1318CC is the Combo Carrier that can do it all!
Nicknamed the Combo Carrier for its versatility in holding half-size sheet pans, trays and food pans, the 1318CC is a new insulated carrier with a small footprint that will enable operators to safely transport food anywhere, any time.  Thick polyurethane insulation safely keeps cold food below 41°F, hot food above 140°F for 4+ hours. Great for catering events of all sizes---simply scale up as needed. Lightweight and stackable for convenient deliveries in cars or vans.
Holds half-size sheet pans, trays and a variety of food pan sizes.
Fully removable, gasketless door for easy cleaning.
Labeling area on door for adhering ID or routing labels.
Interstacks with UPC300, 300MPC, 1318MTC.
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