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Store Safe-Store Fresh

Store product in clear containers with tight fitting lids to
minimize handling and reduce the risk of contamination.
Keep all raw and cooked products separated to prevent
cross?contamination. Cover with lids rather than plastic
wrap to protect contents from spills and contaminants.
Cover, label and date all food storage containers
using dissolvable labels to reduce the risk of
harmful bacteria from sticky label residue.
Rotate food based on a First In First Out (FIFO)
system to ensure oldest food is used first.
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Improperly stored food can become vulnerable to cross contamination and compromised quality. CamSquare Storage Containers are clear and have easy-to-read printed graduations to promote inventory management. Using the proper lid, you can completely enclose contents to reduce the risk cross-contamination. These square shaped containers can be easily stacked, great for maximizing storage space on any shelf.
CamSquare Storage Containers can be used with Translucent Seal Lids or with Color-coded snap tight polyethylene covers to match graduation colors.
 Allergen Management Products available to help operators create separate storage areas for allergen and gluten-free ingredients.
Inventory-at-a-glance with easy-to read color graduations on the outside.
Made of crystal clear, virtually unbreakable Camwear® polycarbonate.
Withstands temperatures from -40ºF to 210ºF (-40ºC to 99ºC).
Made of crystal clear, virtually unbreakable Camwear® polycarbonate.
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