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Cambro Camshelving® Premium Series Angled Drying Rack

With three distinct lines of Camshelving ® ,all kitchens are created equal!
Camshelving storage systems make it all possible, helping foodservice operators
optimize organization, support food safety,improve labor savings, simplify inventory
management, reduce food waste, and eliminate replacement costs.
1/Rust and Corrosion Free
2/Multi Environment Use,-36˚F TO 190˚F
3/Maximized Space Utilization
4/Easy to Clean
5/Easy to Adjust
More Details
The Angled Drying Rack is a non-corrosive, versatile and sanitary drying solution that holds a wide range of newly washed products of different shapes.In addition to being more affordable than metal racks, it also eliminates unnecessary replacement that can be caused by deterioration, bending or breaking. This durable drying rack is ideal holding a mix of food pans, pots, bowls, plate covers, deli crocks and other kitchen wares.
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